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Bayanan Bayanin Hali Warrick Archengelo

Warrick Archengelo is the second character out of our three main characters in Gangsta and works more as a negotiator than a fighter when compared to Nick. Although he carries a handgun, he normally does all the talking, as opposed to Nick.

Overview of Warrick Archengelo

In the series has portrayed as a womanizer, both conventionally attractive and charming, he does all the talking and usually doesn’t get involved in alteration, unlike Nick. I would say he’s an extrovert and this normally helps him establish relationships easily and also makes it easy for him to manipulate other characters. Oh, he’s a heavy smoker as well, in case you didn’t notice.

Bayyanar da Aura

Warrick is tall, has blond hair which reaches down past his shoulders and a strong build. His right eye is un-operational and he covers it using a simple black eye patch. He normally wears black trousers, a jacket and sometimes a blue or black shirt underneath.

His look is pretty ordinary and there is nothing to notable or significant about his appearance, except his eye. He has blue eyes and normally a shaven face, with some facial hair. His clothing and appearance don’t really change throughout the whole series and this is of course parallel with Nicholas since I’m pretty sure Nicholas just copies what Warrick wears or similar.

Halitta - Bayanan Hali Warrick Archengelo

Warrick is very confident and never seems to be that fearful of anything, even if it is a significant visual threat. This obviously makes his characters come off as cool and at ease, as well as attractive.

He normally incorporates charm into his aura and never normally breaks this persona. When he does, he can become harsh, violent and intimidating. However he’s actions are pretty predictable, unlike Nicholas.

He isn’t very formal in my opinion and openly challenges formal bodies and other people who you would consider a “higher-up” than him such as police chiefs and mafia bosses. This is most likely down to the fact he knows he’s partly untouchable due to Nicholas’s protection and his various links to Farashin OCG da jikin 'yan sanda kamar Farashin ECPD.

Tarihi - Bayanin Halayen Warrick Archengelo

In terms of history, Warrick’s character is not lacking in any way. His initial character (in the anime) is given lots of depth in the forms of flashbacks, memories and mentions in in-universe conversations. I cannot stress enough how much development & backstory in a character mean to me and how it impacts the way a series is portrayed.

As I say, you can have an amazing series with great, interesting original and lovable characters, but if they have no depth, no history, no motives and nothing driving them (due to their past) we can’t see why they do the things they do and therefore they’re just not comparable with characters who possess this.

Thankfully Warrick’s character was given a lot of depth and I was so grateful for this.

I know, of course, this was essential to set in place the story of Twilight and how Warrick & Nicholas even came to know each other in the first place, but it was still what kept me watching and I’m glad that it was present.

Warrick lives a sheltered life protected by bodyguards and servants, this is also where he meets Nicholas Kawa. This is where he and Nick meet and this is how they become so close.

Nicholas is made to protect Warrick, in other words, his contract binder with his life and he is able to do it very effectively even though he is around the same age as Warrick Twilights have a shorter life span than humans anyway so you could say Nick is older than Warrick, but they have the same mental age.

Bayan an yanka dangin Warrick ya ƙaura zuwa Ergastulum tare da Nick inda a wasu lokuta yakan yi karuwanci maza. Kasancewa cikin dangin Archengelo masu arziki yana da nisa daga inda ya kasance, abubuwan da ke faruwa a halin yanzu na farkon kakar shine inda Warrick yake "yanzu" a rayuwarsa. Don haka Warrick shine kaɗai wanda ya tsira daga dangin Archengelo kuma mafi kusancin dangin jini da ke da alaƙa da dangi.

Kuna iya karanta labarin mu (GANGSTA.) anime gangsta kakar 2 labarin nan.

Harafi baka

There isn’t a lot to go in on in terms of Warrick’s character arc and this is down to there only being one season available. What we do get to see however is Warrick’s past and therefore we can get some sense of where his character was at one point in his life, (around the age of 16 (I think)) to where he is now in the current series.

Although this isn’t much of a character arc, it does give us a valuable insight into where Warrick’s character was at one point in his life and where he is now, in other words, the gap missing is the time between (his arc).

Warrick’s character arc is particularly interesting, especially in the anime. Although the anime only goes up to the stabbing Warrick, we get to see his character arc start in the anime which is minimal anyway. History only seemed to be the producer’s interest here and that was gone over in the anime very well. The story between Warrick & Nick is gone over more in the anime because of how significant it is.

Muhimmancin hali a GANGSTA.

Warrick plays a hugely significant role in GANGSTA and without him, the series wouldn’t be able to go on as it normally does. The series back stories mainly involve both Warrick and Nicholas and without either one of them, it just would not be the same.

This is because they work so well together given their history. Normally Nicholas should and does obey Warrick if he gives a direct command but sometimes he doesn’t.

This is because to my knowledge, Warrick is Nicholas’s contract holder, so Nicholas has to protect Warrick no matter what and under any circumstances, even if he’s in the wrong, which he usually is anyway.

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